hello! i am interested in adding some infographics to my portfolio, and i have been searching for reliable statistics to illustrate. the subject matter doesn’t matter all that much, but i was wondering if any of you lovely people could recommend resources for reliable studies/statistics/info that is currently in number or letter form that would be better understood visually (so basically anything)?

nervous doodling!! noodling!!

old, sloppy, just-for-fun, digital painting self-portrait that i amped up in photoshop today.

…..i don’t know what i’m doing.

this is not totally finished, but i am just so excited to have discovered my love of colored pencils that i wanted to share anyway :3

i can’t seem to make anything that doesn’t come in bright primary colors or soft pastels…

There is still lots of work to do on this outside of class, but this is where i am now. Also see: my selfie with the “model”. I don’t think my face has made an appearance on here yet so… that’s my face.

summer in the city. ironically due on what turned out to be a snow day.

something a little different! these are some cell phone happy snaps of our current life drawing project. it is (obviously) just a work in progress right now, but it feels really nice to draw in this way again after having not done it for a while. 

19x25 vine and white charcoal